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Follow Fergus: An Effective Leader Inspires People To Follow

What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace! Fergus back again to tell you lot all you need to learn from us canines. So, the latest quotation I have for you is: ‘An effective leader inspires people to follow’ Well in my world it really depends on who’s really in charge, my

Coaching Skills Programme: A House in Holland Park – that would be nice…

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

On a coaching skills programme I ran in London last year I completed a quick warm-up activity with the group where they had 3 minutes to draw a house. Afterwards, the group asked if there was any way of analysing their drawings and after a quick search

The benefits of a bespoke management training programme

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

What’s the benefit of a bespoke management training programme? According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of bespoke really says it all: “written or adapted for a specific user or purpose” Our ‘Ready to Run’ leadership programmes are always popular, however having a tailored or bespoke