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One chicken turns to another and asks ‘doesn’t time just tick?’

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

Time Management Skills is a favourite training programme we get asked to run or at least include as part of a more general course. It does however always beg the question: Can you really manage time? Growing up I would class myself as a crammer in every

Sales Skills: Today I would like to be sold…

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

I was at a seminar recently in London where the motivational speaker talked about his approach to business and shared some interesting stories of his sales experiences. Whilst he was chatting he posed the question: ‘When was the last time you woke up and said today I would

Follow Fergus: ‘Creativity starts with a blank piece of paper’

What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace! Guess what? It turns out my owner runs a training company and he thinks he’s a bit a ‘know it all’ when it comes to human behaviour. If he’s that good then why’s he asked me to start working for him and get me

The Ghost of Customer Service!

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

I am sure many of us feel that customer care is dead and buried, as on a regular basis we share haunting experiences of many retailers, insurers, telecommunication firms and other service providers. As a trainer my whole day revolves around my customers, commonly referred to in

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