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Building Confidence: Would like to meet…

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

So how many of you have experience of online dating? If you have then I hope you took time to create a great personal profile for yourself, making you sound smart, successful and appealing to everyone who was going to read it. The process of writing profiles

Listening With Your Eyes

Sarah Goodfellow Management Training Consultant

Having co-facilitated at a sales conference in Bristol recently I was reflecting on a story one of my colleagues shared. As most trainers do, we started chatting in the evening about the impact of working away from home so much and how this affects our relationships and

A Personal Development Plan: It’s Like Crazy Paving

Graham Proud Four Steps Training

There is no such thing as a career path.  It is like crazy paving and you have to lay it yourself Dominic Cadbury A quote from Dominic Cadbury I use at development centres for high potential managers. When assessing what they want from their careers, it’s a

Follow Fergus: Avoid being distracted – be clear who does and who doesn’t need access to you immediately

What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace! As promised in my last posting I’m going to lead with a joke: Why did the Westie cross the road? Well while the governor was busy talking to another owner while me and his pretty poodle were off across the road. Here’s another related

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